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What You Should Do Months Ahead When Getting Ready for the Big Day Balanced Living Magazine

If you don't like al presents You can come up with a more creative registry idea to fund things like a down payment on an apartment or honeymoon. You can display the registry details on your site and not on the wedding invitation. DIY Strategically

It is possible to create your own wedding decor that is affordable as well as personal. Be careful not to overdo it and do more work than you need. Plenty of DIY tasks is done in advance, like wedding favors or welcome bags etc. However, professional help is needed for things such as floral arrangements and wedding meals.

An officiant at the hiring ceremony

Finding the right officiant for your wedding is a deeply individual experience for many couples. The person you select is not only the one who will conduct your wedding but also welcomes the couple into their marriage, and set the stage to your living together. When you're booking a clergy member, it's important to do the research, find recommendations or reviews, and ask the right question if personalization is allowed and whether they're involved in getting a marriage certificate.

Understand What You Don't Want

The focus is on you and your special day! If you find some traditions that are uncomfortable for you, or outdated or not your style do not include them into your event. The best traditions are made for you both.

Book Your Honeymoon

Three months prior to your wedding, you should make reservations for everything from hotel rooms to travel for your honeymoon. You never know, maybe you'll have luck and strike it lucky to find a a deal that proves to the value of the money you spend!

If needed, make sure you send the Save Dates

The importance of saving dates is especially if the event falls in the middle of a public holiday, bank holiday or if a large portion of your friends live abroad. They can be paper-free, informal reminders sent via an email and a subsequent text message to those who might not often go online. If you'd like to share your save dates to guests, make use of your wedding site to pop information on guests.